How to win online casino games without cheating


PlayStar online casino free spins — brace yourself for a lot of spinning

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Bet on many paylines

Rather bet lower amounts on as many paylines as you can, increasing the chances of symbols lining up in one of the winning combinations. Remember to check the rules and know the bet limit amounts to unlock bonuses and stand a chance to hit the jackpot.

Go for slots with bonus rounds

The action heats up in bonus rounds, so named for its increased value in providing more chances for players to win. By playing free games, a player can determine if there is more on offer in bonus rounds, with less risk, free spins, jackpot wheels, and multipliers.

Choose slots by their RTP

Playing slots with a higher return to player rate, abbreviated as RTP, does not guarantee that a player will win, but it can indicate the percentage rate at which a slot pays out with regard to what has been wagered on the machine. Higher is obviously the better option, and PlayStar offers many games with RTPs above 95%.